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Mohamad Sheikh Suliman’s success story is the perfect example for academic, practical and humanitarian excellence. This inspiring experience was the topic of the live podcast hosted by Mohanad Ouadia. In this podcast, Mohamad Al Sheikh broke down a few steps for youngsters aspiring to be as successful as to be able to succeed and follow in his footsteps, and summarized them as follows: First, trust in Allah and have 100% faith that He will make your dream come true. Second, focus on one goal at a time rather than trying to achieve many. If you focus on one each time, you’ll be able to give it 100% of your energy and time. Third, don’t give up when it gets rough. He quoted “Those standing at the top of the mountain, did not land there from the sky. They climbed their way up”. Fourth, always invest in yourself and improve your skills. 

=Mohamad Al Sheikh revealed an exclusive information about his desire to relocate to UAE. Of course, he asked the Wolf of Real Estate Mohanad Ouadia to help him with his estate expertise to find his new home. Mohanad asked: “ I must ask you, what compelled you to make this decision?”

Mohamad Al Sheikh :” Dubai is a Global Portal”

According to Mohamad Al Sheikh Suliman, Dubai is the perfect address for anyone looking to succeed globally. It’s also known for one of the highest security and safety indexes. Adding to these previous factors, an outstanding medical service, a great infrastructure, a very good academic curriculum and the stability it has to offer, Dubai has the perfect recipe for the perfect environment for aspiring Entrepreneurs.

Mohamad Al Sheikh and Mohanad Al Ouadia took this chance to tour the Bvlgari Residence situated in Al Jumeirah Bay and to discuss the potential and opportunities Dubai has to offer. 

As reported by Henley and Partners, Dubai ranks as the first country in the Middle East and North Africa with regards to the number of wealthy people residing in it. A study shows that there are around 67,900 millionaires residing in Dubai as of 2022 and this number is due for a massive increase by year 2030.

Due to the increase of demand, the value for real estate skyrocketed up to 89% in one year only. Villa prices jumped from 60% to 100% and the luxury houses priced at $10m in the first 9 months of 2022. 

Bvlgari resort is one of the luxurious residences. It contains about 100 flats, several Water Mansions and 15 luxurious villas, and much more.


Towards the end of the interview, Mohamad Al Sheikh got an opportunity to share one of his greatest passions with Mohanad. In Al Namouss Stud, Mohamad Al Sheikh Suliman attempted to make Mohanad a skilled equestrian like himself in just one day. Having been riding since a very young age, Mohamad Al Sheikh shared some basic tips on how to ride a horse while the two exchanged poetry about horses. 

Who is Mohamad Sheikh Suliman?

Mohamad Al Sheikh is an icon for anyone striving to build a bright future and to succeed. He is a leading Entrepreneur in several fields and owns one of the bigges Online Trading Platforms. He has huge livestock investments in Turkey as well as a wide selection of investments in many fields such as Agriculture, Tourism, Banking, and Real Estate, and even in the medical field. He also invests in many startups. His love and passion for horses since a young age made him today one of the most prominent Horse owner in the world, and owner of one the most popular Horse Studs, which is located in Belgium, and is home to one of the best, the most beautiful and most valuable breeds of Arabian Horses. These breeds were awarded the first place in many Horse Competitions. 

Mohamad Al Sheikh is a well known philanthropist. He has devoted his life to helping people not just Palestine, but anywhere needed in the world.

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Who is Mohanad Al Ouadia ?

Mohanad Alwadiya, as many would recognize him as The Wolf of Real Estate, does, in fact, wear many more coats. He is the content producer and the presenter on Dubai TV and a well respected Social Media Influencer. He's also a published Author, and most importantly, the CEO of Harbor Real Estate. He was featured in the Arabian Business press outlet as one of the 40 Under 40 Most Influential Young Arabs in the Middle East.Now based in UAE, Mohanad Alwadiya was born in 1979 and raised in Palestine. After earning his Real Estate, he launched Harbor Real Estate in 2008. HRE is a real estate service provider that caters to individuals as well institutional clients. The staff at Harbor Real Estate are referred to as Harboring, and they are a group of passionate professionals that work strategically to deliver the best quality service and product to their clientele. Mohanad Alwadiya is also the presenter and host of the Show Memaar. Memaar is a new Style inspired by Reality TV style shows about people looking for a new home in Dubai, UAE. The show aims to promote Dubai's lifestyle and attract people who are not only looking for a short term stay, but also looking to relocate permanently. All of this only covers the tip of the iceberg of what Mohanad Alwadiya life and businesses are really like, as he is constantly looking for new ideas and new adventures and is striving continuously to better himself and acquire new skill sets.

Business advice for the youth 

Mohamad Al Sheikh’s first and most important advice about investments is to invest in oneself. It’s very important to improve, and fine-tune, existing skills, acquire new ones, and to keep striving for improvements every chance possible.

Another valuable advice is to be ambitious and to “Hitch your wagon to a star”. 

The path to success is not easy. If it were easy, then success wouldn’t mean what it means now however, putting in the work, having a strategy, working both hard and smart, and not giving us at the first inconvenience, will definitely be fruitful.

Business Advices and Q&A

Mohamad Al Sheikh Suliman answers some of the most popular questions a lot of us have, and generously gives some tips for anyone seeking to start a business or improve an already existing one.

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What is the definition of SUCCESS ? 

According to Mohamad Al Sheikh, success is not merely achieving a goal by any means necessary, but it is in fact setting an end goal, and walking towards that goal, with each step bringing 100% of self-gratification. 

Mohamad Al Sheikh also explains that, in his opinion, the opposite of success is not failure. Failure shows that the person has at least set a goal, tried to achieve it, but unfortunately not achieved the anticipated results. As long as the person has put some work into achieving a certain goal, not being able to attain it is not being unsuccessful. This person will eventually reach their goal and achieve success. Al Sheikh explains that the opposite of success is a plain person without any goals or aspirations. This person will never achieve success because they don’t have a goal and they’re not putting any energy into anything.


How to choose what Business to invest in ?

Mohamad Al Sheikh is very adamant about investing in more than just one type of business. He personally has several businesses in a variety of niches. He owns one of the biggest Online Trading Companies, controls about 90% of the meat industry in Turkey, and has invested over $7 million in about 44 different companies and startups. 

Mohamad Al Sheikh’s strategy before making any investments is to ask yourself, what is the purpose of this investment? He goes further on to explain that there are two main purposes for investments: Either to increase your capital, or to earn a consistent monthly or annual source of income. Once you set your financial goal, it would be much easier to decide which niche and what type of business to venture into. 

Al Sheikh then explains that one of the biggest reasons why one should consider investing in more than just one type of business is to minimize the risk. Of course, starting a business is not exactly a breeze. There is no guarantee that this business will take off and there are several factors that can and can’t be controlled. In order to minimize the risk of losing the capital in one try, investing in a variety of businesses will give you a higher chance of success and more chances.

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Mohamad Al Sheikh’s top 4 businesses to consider ?

No matter how small or big your capital is, according to Mohamad Al Sheikh, investing in one, if not all, of the following businesses is a must.

1- Real estate: Mohamad Al Sheikh’s personal preference is commercial real-estate.

2- Stock: It’s important to buy stock from trustworthy companies after doing a thorough research. 

3- Instruments: trading instruments, aka securities, are different kinds of markets that allow you to trade such as commodity futures, stocks, currencies, etc.

4- Start-ups: Mohamad Al Sheikh’s personal preference is investing in Startups specializing in technology.

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